Graduate Profile, Rohan Shah, M.S.

Rohan ShahName: Rohan Shah
Hometown: Mumbai, India
Advisor: Dr.Stephen Boyles
Area of research: Dynamic traffic assignment, emissions modeling, sustainable transportation

How does it feel to be graduating?
It’s an ambivalent feeling, really. Of course I’m glad to be graduating from such a great school like UT and from its excellent transportation engineering program and CTR. But it feels sad at one level since I cannot imagine not coming to college each day, not working on some research topic or the other at any given time, and not seeing friends and classmates around. I’ll miss this time.

Why did you choose to pursue your graduate studies at CTR/UT Austin?
It is one of the best engineering and transportation programs in the US with great faculty and state-of-the-art research. Besides, Austin is a really likeable place.

Looking back, what (or who) influenced you the most during your time at UT Austin?
My advisor Dr. Steve Boyles and my supervisor Dr. Jen Duthie — I’ve learnt so many things from them and have been fortunate to be part of their research group at CTR. Also, I would say Dr. Chandra Bhat whose quest for research and meticulousness is really inspiring.

What projects did you work on while you were here?
I’ve been lucky to have worked in pretty diverse areas here, including dynamic traffic assignment models, environmental aspects of transportation, urban planning, transit scheduling, equity/environmental justice, congestion pricing and macroeconomics. I’ve collaborated with quite a lot of people here.

What are your plans after graduation?
While I haven’t finalized the exact place yet, a stint in the transportation planning/consulting industry is what’s on my mind. Besides, I wish to travel to all 50 states in the US someday, so time-permitting, maybe achieve some fraction of that!

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