Graduate Profile, Nazmus Sakib, M.S.

Name: Nazmus Sakib
Hometown: Barisal, Bangladesh
Advisor: Dr. Amit Bhasin
Area of research: Asphalt technology, Transportation Engineering

Photo: Nazmus Sakib, with UT tower in backgroundHow does it feel to be graduating?
It does feel interesting. It is a combination achievement and a humbling realization of the magnitude of knowledge I am yet to touch. My successful graduation validates the difficult journey I had to leave the comfort of my home at Bangladesh and come to United States. I am also happy to prove my worth at this topmost level.

Why did you choose to pursue your graduate studies at CTR/UT Austin?
My choice of UT/CTR has been an easy one. Before my application for graduate school, I knew about the stellar reputation of the school, especially the division of transportation engineering of CAEE. Some of the alumni from my undergraduate school were already at UT/CTR and they highly recommended it as the perfect place to start my graduate studies. I was also offered an generous financial support package which was another important factor. Overall, the faculty reputation and the perfect match of research interest made me chose UT/CTR.

Looking back, who influenced you the most during your time at UT Austin?
In personal and academic level, I think my supervisor, Dr. Amit Bhasin, influenced me most. He has a relaxed and accessible personality that encouraged me to pursue discussion on topics of my interest. This lead to a better understanding of my educational and research objectives. His support helped me to go past the initial difficulty to settle at Austin and initiate my research.

What projects did you work on while you were here?
I worked on characterization of constitutive behavior of fine asphalt mortar. During this research, I learned about finite element modeling, construction of testing devices, optical strain measurement techniques along with effect of material geometry on stress distribution. The findings of this research are summarized into my masters’ thesis.

What are your plans after graduation?
I intend to work in academia in the long run. Hence, I decided to continue to Ph.D. I have already been admitted to the Doctoral program at UT CAEE starting from Summer, 2014.

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