Graduate Profile, Cody Stone, M.S.

Name: Cody Stone
Hometown: Vero Beach, Florida
Advisor: Dr. Zhanmin Zhang
Area of research: Transportation Engineering

How does it feel to be graduating?
It feels great. I have a great sense of relief and accomplishment from finishing the sometimes-daunting task of finishing a thesis. After five and a half years of college, I’m ready to take the plunge into the post-academia work world. I feel much more comfortable with applying my engineering knowledge to practice.

Why did you choose to pursue your graduate studies at CTR/UT Austin?Cody Stone with friends
I was an undergraduate research intern for a summer at UT and really enjoyed my time in Austin. I was impressed by the faculty and knew that pursuing a Master’s degree would be very helpful in advancing my knowledge and career path. UT has an excellent Transportation group and many useful resources, not to mention being located in one of the best cities in America.

Looking back, what (or who) influenced you the most during your time at UT Austin?
I would say that my advisor, Dr. Zhanmin Zhang, had the most influence on me during my time at UT Austin. He not only taught me an extraordinary amount in the realm of engineering, but also gave very useful advice in how to represent yourself and be the best person you can be. Faculty and fellow colleagues were also very influential in preparing me for the rest of my career and making my experience enjoyable.

What projects did you work on while you were here?
Where should I start?….haha. One of the biggest advantages in working in research is you have the opportunity to work with so many different topics and resources, while in the typical work environment the scope may be very limited. My thesis was creating a methodological framework for the economic evaluation of existing roadway assets. I’ve also done projects in risk and reliability, asset management, managed lanes, congestion tolling, intelligent transportation systems, pavement reliability, optimal preventive maintenance cycles for pavement, and GPS enabled public transit.

What are your plans after graduation?
First, I’m taking a few weeks off to celebrate with family and friends. Then in June I’m starting work at Alliance Transportation Group here in Austin. They’re a private company specializing in transportation engineering projects.

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