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Reflects focus on collaboration, innovation, and education.

Friends of CTR-

Over the past 50 years, the Center for Transportation Research (CTR) has undertaken pioneering efforts to improve transportation safety and accessibility, and enhance the economic vitality and the social vibrancy of our region, our state, and our country. So, as we celebrate 50 years of CTR’s existence, we should be justifiably proud of our past efforts and the people who made those efforts possible.

But, of course, we cannot rest on what we have achieved. This is a moment to be looking ahead to tomorrow’s challenges and opportunities, and pursue fresh initiatives that will allow us to be proactive, nimble, and responsive to the changing needs of tomorrow. In this regard, I would like to introduce our new CTR brand and website that reflects our focus on the future.

CTR, Center or Transportation Research Logo

The new brand is designed to reflect these core themes: Collaborate. Innovate. Educate.


The problems we will be asked to address tomorrow will be multidimensional in nature and scope, and will necessitate broad partnerships across individuals from multiple disciplines and multiple institutions. At CTR, we will foster and cultivate such collaborative partnerships as a springboard for comprehensive solutions.

The problems we will be asked to address tomorrow will necessitate bold, out-of-the-box, and creative solutions that also efficiently and effectively harness advances in communications networks and data-driven information systems. At CTR, we will constantly encourage and promote new ways of thinking and new ways of serving society.

The problems we will be asked to address tomorrow will need individuals who are able to navigate through the many aspects of a challenge, and use their technical as well as communication abilities to address those challenges. At CTR, we will contribute to such a skilled transportation workforce by providing students with experiential learning opportunities.

New Website
On our new website, you will also find all the information you may have ever wanted from the CTR Library, which now features enhanced functionality designed to make it easier to find what you need.

Additionally, you will now be able to keep up with students and their research, alumni profiles of our graduates, and the latest news on research, technology transfer, and education activities.

I invite you to visit, and stay-up-to-date on CTR initiatives and efforts.

Thanks for your continued support of CTR.

Dr. Chandra Bhat
Director, Center for Transportation Research

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