CTR Researcher Presents Testimony at the Capitol

On March 4, 2013, Alejandra Cruz Ross was invited to present testimony before the newly created International Trade and Intergovernmental Affairs Committee. Representative Poncho Nevárez, Chairman of
the International Bridges and Border Crossings Subcommittee, was particularly interested in the work that CTR and TTI’s study team has been developing in the border region for the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT).

The March 4 hearing was dedicated to port, airport, and surface transportation infrastructure. Cruz Ross first provided the Representatives with socio-economic information for border counties and municipalities. She highlighted the rapid increase in population and employment  in the El Paso/Júarez, Webb/Nuevo Laredo, Hidalgo/Reynosa, and Cameron/Matamoros areas. Most of the latter will see an increase in population and employment from 25 to 40% between 2010 and 2030.

In addition, Cruz Ross provided snapshots of several tools and documents to provide the Representatives with specific data on border crossing numbers (i.e., by port-of-entry, by type), and wait times and the different ways of measuring these (i.e., time, economic losses). She included information provided by Customs and Border Protection, for example. Cruz Ross also presented a summary and maps of the major trade corridors in the region, including the following:

  • I10, US 54, US 67, and Mexico’s Corridor 4 and 10 in the El Paso/Presidio region;
  • Ports to Plains, I35, US 83, and Mexico’s Corridor 6 in the Laredo/Eagle Pass/Del Rio region; and
  • I69, US 281, US 77, and Mexico’s Corridor 17 in the Lower Rio Grande Valley region.
Ms. Cruz Ross spoke at the Texas Capitol.

Ms. Cruz Ross spoke at the Texas Capitol.

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