Dr. Zhanmin Zhang and Co-Authors Receive Best Paper Award from ICMPA

A paper co-authored by Dr. Zhanmin Zhang, a civil engineering associate professor and Fellow of the Clyde E. Lee Endowed Professorship in Transportation Engineering of at The University of Texas at Austin, and two of his transportation graduate students, Epigmenio Gonzalez and Wenxing Liu, were selected to receive the Best Paper Award by the 8th International Conference on Managing Pavements Assets (ICMPA). An award plaque for their paper “A Methodological Framework for Minimizing the Budget Fluctuations on Highway Maintenance Programs” was presented at the 8th ICMPA held in Santiago, Chile in November 2011.

The ICMPA is designed to focus on issues associated with fulfilling the social, economic, and environmental responsibilities for sustainable, well managed, better roads. The 8th ICMPA was attended by nearly 400 delegates of academia, practitioners, and government officials representing countries from all five continents.

Dr. Zhang’s research focuses mainly on the analysis of large-scale transportation infrastructure systems and robust maintenance policies and optimal resource allocations for infrastructure systems.

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