Reading Transportation Research via Kindle devices

We have received a lot of questions lately regarding whether reports can be read via Kindle devices. We have found that Kindles do allow the reading of PDFs in addition to’s proprietary .AZW format.

Did you know that more than 90% of the CTR Library’s collection of CTR-led research reports are available as free PDF downloads? That would be 1,750+ reports that could be added to your Kindle collection if you have the space!

In addition to CTR-led research, the library lists full-text PDF options for another 7,600+ items in its collection (this includes reports from other universities participating in the TxDOT research program, reports from the NCHRP, TCRP, and other TRB cooperative research programs, and research reports from many state departments of transportation).

In most cases you can upload PDFs and other supported file formats to your Kindle device by transferring directly from your computer via USB (FREE. Not available for PDFs on Kindle Fire.) or using the Kindle Personal Documents Service. The Personal Documents Service allows you to e-mail the document to your personal e-mail address and includes the option to convert to Kindle .AZW format (fees apply if Whispernet service is used for transfer).

Note for the Kindle Touch:

Image-heavy PDF files are presented in landscape orientation and don’t work with devices that have auto-rotation, so those will be delivered in the Kindle format.

In a future post, we’ll address the issue of transportation-focused publications in other e-book formats. For now, to start searching for full-text PDFs held by the CTR Library, please visit our online catalog.

Posted by Kevyn B.  |  Category : CTR Library