Panama Canal Expansion and World Trade

Photo of Mr. Sabonge in front of PowerPoint slide, giving presentation

The theme for the Center for Transportation Research’s Annual Symposium was “Texas Freight: Beyond 2014.” The keynote speaker for the event was Mr. Rodolfo R. Sabonge, the Vice President of Market Research and Analysis of the Panama Canal Authority.

Mr. Sabonge, who is responsible for competitive intelligence, pricing, and customer relations at the Panama Canal, provided an update of the massive scheme to build larger locks on the canal to facilitate more efficient global waterborne trade. He also shared data on the predicted impacts to Atlantic and Gulf ports that will benefit from a larger, more productive, all-water route between the Americas and Asia.

“Those responsible for port and transportation planning are excited by the prospect of a larger canal opening for business 100 years after its inauguration,” said Robert Harrison, CTR Deputy Director. “All ports currently served by Panama Canal routes are predicting growth and this can only enhance the role of Texas as the leading U.S. exporting state.”

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